Who is Eric, anyway?

Self Portrait #1, 2006

Eric Plaag is a photographer, writer, historian, and occasional filmmaker who resides in Columbia, South Carolina. Originally from Virginia, he labored through almost ten years of life in New England before returning to the South in 2002. He is delighted to be back in a land where his soul can sing.

This blog is devoted primarily to Eric’s interest in b&w, darkroom photography. Eric’s fine art photography is produced primarily with either a Bronica ETRSI or a Holga 120N with a slightly modified aperture. He prints almost exclusively on Forte polygrade glossy paper, although this is becoming more difficult with Forte’s recent production difficulties.

For the record, Eric doesn’t hate digital photography or wish strange poxes upon those who make it. He even has his own post-analog picture taker. He just thinks doing it the old fashioned way is better. His developer tray has never asked him for the profile for the paper he is using, and he likes it that way.

And in case you’re wondering, the header image for this blog is entitled “Emma,” and it’s from Eric’s 2007 series of images from Hadrian’s Wall entitled Eleusis.

For more on Eric’s other interests and projects, see his website at http://www.ericplaag.com.


And of course, the fine print: All of the images on this blog are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or redistributed without permission. So…don’t do anything stupid. Thanks.


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