Fun with Old Film


This roll of Plenachrome 127 was found in a Brownie Reflex I picked up in Cambridge, MA, last summer. I processed it shortly thereafter, but being able to scan the images meant building a 127 negative tray from black matte board for my CanoScan 8800F–not an impossible feat once I was doing it, but for some reason I felt daunted by the idea before I got started.

Anyway, I was disappointed at the discovery that there were no vintage images on the film, which turned out to be pretty fuzzy/hairy (and I mean that in the literal sense) after processing. There is one image that was there before I fired off the rest of the shots at home, but my suspicion is that it’s a fun multiple exposure of my son and me–and the flourescent lights above our heads–as we tested the camera’s shutter in the antique store. Oh well. The rest were taken on my front porch at home. All are presented here as originally scanned, with only minor adjustments in levels to three of the four images. For the one of me in the rocking chair, I maxed out the levels to try to pick up more detail, but this obviously blows out any of the natural highlights. Nevertheless, I left it with its Photoshoppy wonkiness in place.

Store Lights and Head

Eric on the Porch

Griffin Thinks I’m Nuts

Griffin Takes My Place

This roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan 120 film came from a Kodak #2 Cartridge Hawkeye found in an antique store in Brattleboro, VT. Only five of the eight images were salvageable in any fashion. Of those found here, only the one of the gentleman in military dress has been altered after its original scan (brightness and contrast maxed out and levels adjusted to recover some sort of image). The others are untouched aside from straight scan.

#2 cartridge hawkeye 1

#2 cartridge hawkeye 2

#2 cartridge hawkeye 3

#2 cartridge hawkeye 4

#2 cartridge hawkeye 5

FYI, the usual copyright restrictions, listed elsewhere in this blog, apply to all of these images.


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