Frankie’s Forever Home

So, remember that big announcement I mentioned a few days ago? Well, it’s time to make it. My wife, Teresa, and I have spent the past few days in Boone, NC, where we have decided to relocate in mid-September. We are making Boone the forever home of our decrepit but lovely, 17-year-old cat Frankie, and we are hoping that things will work out so that it can be our forever home, too. We love it here. There’s such a great vibe of ease and genuine kindness from nearly everyone we meet, and we find that nearly all of the things we miss from Columbia, the few things we could not find in Columbia, and everything we wanted but could never find in Northern Virginia are all concentrated in this little town in the mountains of North Carolina.

To start off our new life here, we signed a lease yesterday on an apartment in this beautiful, semi-detached house, which is located deep in the woods above a beautiful rushing creek yet just five minutes from downtown Boone.

I will be transporting my historical consulting business to Boone and continuing to do historical work throughout the Southeast for the foreseeable future. Photography solutions are in the works; the full darkroom in Fairfax (at my father’s house) will still be accessible to me, and travel will take me through there on a regular basis, but I’ll also be looking for an arrangement closer to our new home–perhaps a shared darkroom space downtown. But that’s still several months out, at best.

Once we are settled, though, I look forward to sharing much more photography with all of you. And those long-term projects I’ve mentioned in the past are still on track for late this year and early next year. Stay tuned.


~ by ericplaag on August 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Frankie’s Forever Home”

  1. ‘Hang in there’, Frankie!

  2. Wonderful! Alexa and I usually make a trip or two each year to Hot Springs, which isn’t far.

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