A Collector’s Dilemma

Late last year, I stumbled upon a vintage Encore De Luxe single use camera available at auction, and I very quickly snapped it up. These cameras (according to McKeown’s, the bible of cameras) were cheap cardboard novelties with factory loaded film. Customers took their shots, stuck a buck in the side, and mailed the camera back to Encore. They in turn would mail back the developed images and a new camera.

My find was special. It still contained its roll of film, unshot. Clearly, this means that it must be shot by me, but then my dilemma arose. How do I get this film out of the camera without totally destroying its delightful faux alligator finish or ruining the integrity of the camera? And–in the best of all possible worlds–is it possible to re-use this camera once I do get the film out of there?

I continue to hunt for solutions. But if you’ve ever tried transmogrifying these cameras from single-use to multi-use with any success, please share your secret with me.


~ by ericplaag on January 12, 2010.

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