Lovely By Surprise

In the summer of 2006, while I was engaged in trying to totally recreate my own novel, Song of Attica, intriguing advertisements for a quirky little film called Lovely By Surprise kept popping up in the periphery of my world. Having learned long ago to pay attention to things that are persistent like that, I finally took some time to watch the dozen or so clips from the film that were posted online as part of a Lincoln-Mercury advertising scheme. In spite of how icky that sounds at first (movies parading as car ads), the website and its embedded clips fascinated me.

The problem was that the full movie was almost impossible to find to see. It was making the rounds of various film festivals, still being tinkered with, and garnering rave reviews and awards, which only added to my desire to see it. (You can read more about this film, as well as various reviews, at its website.) But the wait was sometimes excruciating–kind of like the wait I’ve forced my agent to endure while I finish my own novel, I’m guessing. Or at least I hope he feels that way.

But I digress…Lovely By Surprise is now out on DVD (available thru Amazon, Best Buy, Netflix, etc.), and I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy. It’s a gorgeous, ingenious, and sometimes gut-wrenching tale about love, loss, and the ways in which cathartic creative pursuits force us to walk the precipice of insanity. And before you go assuming that this is Stranger Than Fiction (a great movie in its own right) all over again, forget about it, buster–this is not that story.

Carrie Preston stars, with Austin Pendleton. Soundtrack includes music from the incomparable Kelly De Martino, available separately on her album Radar.


~ by ericplaag on August 29, 2009.

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