Update: Work on Display

I’m delighted to announce that one of my pieces from the But One Man Alone… series (“Mosque Ruins, Acrocorinth”) has been selected as a finalist for the USC Student Art Competition and will be on display through March 28. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 4, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Last year, one of my images from the 55 Years series won an Award of Merit.

In other news, the first two images from the four-image Echoes of Narcissus series, along with the associated text (presented in a similar gallery format to how But One Man Alone… was done), will be on display and for sale at McKissick Museum’s “Spring for Art 2008.” The event kicks off with a Gala on Friday evening, March 28, and runs through May 3.

Echoes of Narcissus, No. 1

Once there was a young man named Narcissus, the gorgeous offspring of the river nymph Kephisos. Though he had been pursued for many years by the most beautiful of humans and immortals alike, Narcissus was said to possess a cold and unforgiving heart, and as a result, few now sought his love. Narcissus had grown lonely and sad.

But the young nymph Echo was one who still loved Narcissus, and she followed him as he wandered across the mountaintops, longing in vain for his affection and attentions. She desired most to speak of her love to him, but Echo had been cursed by Hera, her speech restricted so that she could only repeat the concluding sounds of whatever words might be spoken to her.


Echoes of Narcissus, No. 2

One day, Narcissus heard Echo following at a distance behind him, and he called out in his loneliness to the woods, asking, “Is anyone here?”

“Here!” cried Echo, delighted at last.

Seeing no one, Narcissus called out once more: “Will you come to me? I will do no harm, I promise.”

Echo, still uncertain, replied in the only way she could: “I promise.”

As he waited for the timid, lilting-voiced nymph to appear, Narcissus cried out again, “Will you come now?”

“Now!” Echo answered, blissful that Narcissus truly desired her in return.


Echoes of Narcissus, No. 3

But when Echo emerged from the woods, embracing Narcissus and giving herself wholly to him, the young man feared the depth of her ardor and pushed her away, shunning her attentions and shouting, “Do not hold me in this way! Do not desire me so! Do you think I would ever trust a lover enough to possess my heart? I would rather die than admit to anyone that I’m yours.”

Echo answered nonetheless: “I’m yours.”

Narcissus turned his back on her, and Echo retreated into the lush shadows, ashamed of her rejection, pining for the only one she had ever truly loved and wasting away in the camouflage of the forest, the power of redundant sound her only remaining strength.


Echoes of Narcissus, No. 4

Narcissus grew lonely once more. In time, he stopped by the shores of a great, still lake, eager to rest as he pondered his fervent loneliness. There he was surprised to find another who seemed as lonely and sad as he, trapped within the depths of those mirrored waters, desiring and loving him just as deeply as he desired her.

“I love you. Come to me,” he would say to his shimmering beloved, and the reflection would mouth back the same call, his own words resounded by Echo, who watched from a great distance. But neither Narcissus nor his chimerical companion dared cross the boundary of the lake’s surface to the other, and Narcissus grew tired and weak.

At long last, Narcissus dove wordlessly into the vast, cold lake, eager to free his perfect other. Echo stood by in silent agony, unable to call to her beloved and save him from the consuming waters.


All text and images are © 2007 by Eric Plaag.


~ by ericplaag on March 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Update: Work on Display”

  1. Congrats Eric! I can’t wait to see it displayed. See you soon. Brana

  2. Hey Eric – long time no talk! I went to check out your new .com page but it doesn’t seem to be up yet. I enjoyed perusing this blog though!

    I pray all is well with you!!

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