Crappy Cameras and Expired Film

I’ve noticed of late that my own recent online searches for wacky cameras to play with and techniques for handling badly out-of-date film keep landing me on this fascinating blog by a guy about my age who likes to experiment. What impresses me most is how thorough he is; his blog entries not only include plenty of specific technical info about the cameras or film he is playing with (as well as images to help others find the items), but he also provides plenty of images from his experiments, including lots of specifics about problems, troubleshooting, and the specific circumstances under which he conducted those experiments.

His current blog entries deal with the Fuji Natura Classic, a comparison of Photoshop manipulation and “reality” in scanning negatives with a low-end scanner, very compelling images from a Technicolor Techni-pak 1 from the late 1970s or early 1980s, and the perils (and joys!) of using Polaroid Type 47 film (3000 speed) from the 1980s in a Polaroid 150 manufactured in the late 1950s.



~ by ericplaag on February 8, 2008.

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